JobOps is a comprehensive solution for automating job management functions for manufacturing, installation, and field service organizations.
JobOps works in conjunction with Sage 100 ERP systems, providing small to mid-market companies with an integrated ERP solution providing both operations and financial information from a single source.

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Updates from JobOps The Purchase Agent

Handheld Data Collection

Updates from JobOps

Purchase Agent

JOScan is the handheld and desktop barcode scanning and data capture solution designed to allow manufacturers and field service organizations to minimize costs, and maximize productivity. more info

Version 2014 R2Hunter Released

JobOps 2014-R2Hunter is compliant with Sage 100 ERP PU5 ( and is available on the downloads page. JobOps is now compatible with Sage 100 Premium ERP (MSSQL).

Purchase Agent helps non-JobOps, Sage 100 ERP, users manage the purchasing process to avoid material shortages and ensure the right materials arrive just in time. more info